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If you are looking for a Cape Coral Urologist, consider the expert team of Urologists at Florida Urology Physicians. We opened an office off Viscaya Parkway next to the Cape Coral hospital at the corner of Del Prado Blvd. At Florida Urology Physicians our mission is to provide expert urological care with compassion and respect. We offer core urological services centered around our team of Cape Coral Urologists. Our doctors offer a vast amount of expertise in specialized areas, including vasectomies, prostate cancer screenings, kidney cancer treatment, infertility, and bladder infections just to name a few. See the full list of services offered by Florida Urology Physicians. If you are researching online for a urologist in Cape Coral, FL please consider contacting Florida Urology Physicians, we would like to have the opportunity to meet you and offer you the knowledge and treatment that best matches your urological needs. Many people avoid discussing their urological issues, even with a doctor but with our Cape Coral urologist, you can be confident that you will receive only the best advise and care in a private and compassionate environment.

Florida Urology Physicians – Spotlight on Kidney Stones

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One procedure that the Cape Coral, Florida Urology Physicians specializes in is the treatment of kidney stones. When urine becomes too concentrated, it crystallizes and builds up inside the kidney, resulting in painful kidney stones that can be as small as a grain of sand or as large as a golf ball. Caucasians are more prone to developing kidney stones than African Americans and men are more prone than women. The typical age range for developing kidney stones is between 20 and 40. Unfortunately, if you’ve had kidney stones in the past, there is a 50 percent chance that you might develop more in the future. There are several different treatments for kidney stones that our Cape Coral urologist can perform depending on the size of the stone, how many there are, and its location. Shock wave lithotripsy is a completely non-invasive treatment where an energy source directed at the location of the stone or stones causes a shock powerful enough to dissolve the stones into smaller fragments that can be passed more easily. During an utereroscopy, a small fiber-optic instrument called a utererscope is used to visualize the stone and if the stone is small enough, it can be removed with a small basket-like device or shattered if it is a large stone. To treat large stones that can’t be extracted by the previous two methods, percutaneous nephrolithotomy is most commonly used. Unlike open surgery, this treatment requires only a very small incision in order to better access the stone. Open surgery, which involves an incision into the kidney or utereral wall to access the stone, is used only for very complicated cases. Head over to our “Specialties” page and click on the link for kidney stones to learn more about kidney stones and their treatment.

A highlight on one of our Cape Coral Urologists:

Veronique Fernandez-salvador MD

an Expert Cape Coral Urologist

Dr. Fernandez-Salvador is an expert Fort Myers and Cape Coral Urologist that specializes in male and female urologic health issues. Minimally invasive treatments for kidney and prostate cancer, kidney stone disease, erectile dysfunction, vasectomy and benign prostate disease are all offered. Dr. Fernandez-Salvador also has a special interest in female urologic health concerns including overactive bladder and incontinence working with patients to provide optimal non-surgical and surgical treatment options. Dr. Fernandez-Salvador leads our Neuromodulation Incontinence Program for urinary and fecal incontinence. Dr. Fernandez-Salvador is Certified by the American Board of Urology.

Note: we found that men are actively searching for Vasectomy doctors and Testosterone treatment; we specialize in both of those areas at Florida Urology Physicians. Call us today for a consultation; our schedulers will do their best to get you in as soon as we can.

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The Cape Coral office of Florida Urology Physicians offers a wide range of services that the spectrum of urological needs. Some of our services include:

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