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What Are the Top Five Symptoms for Low Testosterone? | Dr. Barry Blitz

Low testosterone affects many men, most of whom don’t even know it. Doctor Barry Blitz wants you to know the signs. It is normal for men’s bodies to produce less testosterone as they age, but some men may experience a larger than usual drop in testosterone production. This is commonly referred to as Low T or hypogonadism. Urologists like Dr. Barry Blitz are able to diagnose and treat Low T, improving their patients’ quality of life. Low testosterone has been linked to a variety of symptoms with differing amounts of effect on a patient’s quality of life. Because testosterone is a major factor in sex drive, Low T may result in diminished desire for sex. Similarly, erectile function may be impaired by low testosterone levels. Since muscle and bone growth are boosted by testosterone, patients with Low T may find it difficult to build muscle mass and strength. Reduced bone growth may also increase the risk of osteoporosis. Patients with Low T also often report extra fatigue and diminished energy levels. If your symptoms indicate Low T may be an issue for you, contact Doctor Barry Blitz today. We’re here to help.