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Signs & Symptoms of Low Sperm Count

Signs & Symptoms of Low Sperm Count

A low sperm count can be a source of frustration for any couple that is attempting to build a family. In many cases, a low sperm count can be addressed by dietary changes, adjustments in sexual practices and even changes in underwear. A low sperm count is not related to sexual anxiety or poor performance, it only relates to the volume and quality of sperm that the man produces.

Inability to Impregnate Partner

The primary symptom of a low sperm count is an inability to get a partner pregnant within a year of trying to conceive. Fertility doctors consider one year to be a reasonable amount of time when a couple is trying to get pregnant. A low sperm count is one of the primary challenges a couple will face when trying to get pregnant. If there is no conception after a year, a low sperm count could be the reason.

Facial Hair Deficiency

If the low sperm count is caused by hormonal problems—and this is not usually the case—one of the signs may be a lack of facial hair. Some men may have to shave their face once a day. Other men may not have to shave more than twice a week. This is usually not an indicator of a low sperm count. However, if there are hormonal deficiencies at the root of the problem, it may show up with a lack of facial hair.

Lack of Muscularity

This is only a sign when the low sperm count is caused by hormonal problems. A person who lacks muscular development may also have a low sperm count caused by Klinefelter’s syndrome or a genetic issue with his pituitary gland. This is quite rare. In most cases when a man has a low sperm count, the only symptom is the inability to impregnate his partner.

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