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Florida Urology Physicians establishes Florida Urologic Research Institute

Florida Urology Physicians has established the first Florida Urologic Research Institute in southwest Florida at their Fort Myers office location.

State of the art treatment begins with state of the art research.  The Florida Urologic Research Institute’s mission is to provide our community with emerging treatments that offer breakthrough therapy years before they would become generally available.  Under the direction of Dr. Barry Blitz, Principal Investigator, and Nurse Pamela Battle, Clinical Research Coordinator, the Florida Urologic Research Institute seeks out important new treatments that can substantially help patients with urologic disease.
Clinical research is a highly regulated and exacting activity.  Strict adherence to expertly developed protocols, multiple levels of oversight, and dedication to safety are hallmarks of good clinical practice.  Becoming a research study participant offers the patient a chance to not only receive emerging state of the art medication, but a chance to help others now and in the future who may be similarly afflicted.  Research participants usually receive study medication, testing, and associated medical care free of charge.  They are typically compensated for their participation as well.
Other types of research includes the evaluation of new medical devices, and the testing of fluid and tissue samples.  Participants do not have to be patients of the practice, and those who are, continue to see their urologist as before.  We maintain strict privacy standards, and provide the highest levels of informed consent.
Most research studies have a limited time for enrollment, so not all of our studies currently ongoing are listed.
We are currently seeking patients for the following studies.  If interested, please call Nurse Pamela Battle at 239-689-8800:
1)  Men or women with overactive bladder and urinary incontinence.
2)  Men who are about to undergo a prostate biopsy

For more information about clinical research, please contact Pam Battle at 239-689-8800 or by email at pbattle@rtsx.com