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50 Shades of Gray is not the only cure for Low Sexual Desire in Women

50 Shades of Gray is not the only cure for Low Sexual Desire in Women

Most women believe that the older you get the less you are interested in sex. That along with the enhanced wisdom of age, empty house and increased time and freedom comes a decrease in sexual desire and satisfaction. There are many older women out there, however that may disagree and may tell you they have never had a better sex life than until they turned 65. Additionally there are many “young” women out there, those that have not yet entered menopause who have severely decreased sexual drive, or no sexual drive or desire. As we have all witnessed, especially lately with the popularity of books under the “mommy porn” genre like 50 Shades of Gray, female sexuality, desire and satisfaction are important aspect of life for  women of all ages lives, at every stage of their life.

The importance of sexual desire, satisfaction and the sex life has been documented repeatedly throughout the medical literature. That female sexual dysfunction is a significant disorder that affects thousands of women’s lives is accepted by most if not all medical health providers. The issue is, most practitioners have not been trained to diagnose let alone treat this serious problem.  The importance of a trained practitioner cannot be stressed enough when a woman is facing something that is often confused with anxiety, depression or other mood disorders. The first step in treatment is appropriate diagnoses, and the appropriate practitioner to diagnose this disorder is someone who specializes in the urogenital area. Gynecologists and Urologists specialize in disorders affecting the genitourinary anatomy.

The first step during the urological assessment is a focused and extensive history including medical and sexual history, physical exam and laboratory evaluation. In some women’s cases a simple medical problem may be accounting for the lack of desire, like pain with penetration, oral contraceptive pills, a prolapsed bladder, vaginal dryness caused by certain medications or a hormonal imbalance. A complete urological assessment can help to find a possible cause and treatment may be as simple as a change in medications. The next step if no obvious cause is found is evaluation and treatment of any hormonal imbalances. If no cause is found there, medications and even physical therapy can treat female sexual dysfunction. The most important thing to remember is there is help out there and a urologist is the logical first step in treatment of this disorder.

If you are concerned you have a problem with your sexual function, one place to start is by taking the following survey: http://fsfi-questionnaire.com/FSFI%20questionnaire2000.pdf

And if your answers lead you to the conclusion that even Christian Gray couldn’t help, you may suffer from female sexual disorder.


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